Licensing Info

Together Health LLC

For each state that requires a license to conduct health insurance sales and services, we maintain our agency/broker licenses as set forth below.

StateAgency License NumberPrimary DLRPDLRP LicenseSecondary DLRPSecondary DLRP License
Alabama3000481703Miguel Ponce3000441539William Hanis100146944
Alaska100172221Miguel Ponce100148907William Hanis0798674
Arizona3000470397Miguel Ponce18530560William Hanis18443105
Arkansas3000472120Miguel Ponce18530560William Hanis18443105
Californian/aMiguel Ponce0M70506William Hanis0L92071
Colorado594392Miguel Ponce547965William Hanis543059
Connecticut2625653Miguel Ponce002571582William Hanis2566230
DC3000476540Miguel Ponce3000152609William Hanis3000127913
Delaware3000475126Miguel Ponce3000152668William Hanis3000127885
FloridaA106129Miguel PonceW422946William HanisW404974
Georgia207272Miguel Ponce3241456William Hanis3155057
Hawaii486986Miguel Ponce459959William Hanis457534
Idaho708528Miguel Ponce633135William Hanis626806
Illinois3000474398Miguel Ponce18530560William Hanis18443105
Indiana3412249Miguel Ponce3273926William Hanis3260722
Iowa1002334568Miguel Ponce18530560William Hanis18443105
Kansas825189503-0Miguel Ponce18530560William Hanis18443105
KentuckyDOI-1026438Miguel PonceDOI-968100William Hanis962097
Louisiana802914Miguel Ponce747441William Hanis740539
MaineAGN325001Miguel PoncePRN293877William HanisPRN290874
Maryland3000470798Miguel Ponce3000152662William Hanis3000127873
Massachusetts2087873Miguel Ponce2035074William Hanis2031386
Michigan0118683Miguel Ponce18530560William Hanis0819785
Minnesota40616772Miguel Ponce40542429William Hanis40536006
Mississippi10535027Miguel Ponce10506993William Hanis10498370
Missouri8469338Miguel Ponce8416863William Hanis8412217
Montana3000481574Miguel Ponce3000152652William Hanis3000127791
Nebraska100306514Miguel Ponce18530560William Hanis18443105
Nevada3417300Miguel Ponce3273262William Hanis3260258
New Hampshire2426162Miguel Ponce2380831William Hanis2376002
New Jersey3000512314Miguel Ponce1650381William Hanis1646150
New Mexico3000477580Miguel Ponce18530560William Hanis18443105
New York Miguel PonceLA-1477808William HanisLA-1471888
N Carolina825189503Miguel Ponce18530560William Hanis18443105
N Dakota3000478125Miguel Ponce18530560William Hanis18443105
Ohio1238532Miguel Ponce1163046William Hanis1156269
Oklahoma3000477513Miguel Ponce3000152672William Hanis100302362
Oregon3000478864Miguel Ponce18530560William Hanis18443105
Pennsylvania892077Miguel Ponce825458William Hanis819528
Puerto Rico     
Rhode Island3000485749Miguel Ponce3000152659William Hanis3000127831
S Carolina3000469792Miguel Ponce18530560William Hanis871888
S Dakota10021223Miguel Ponce40502481William Hanis40455062
Tennessee2429510Miguel Ponce2377368William Hanis2372318
Texas2395251Miguel Ponce2358802William Hanis2209212
Utah708976Miguel Ponce632997William Hanis626324
Vermont3414629Miguel Ponce3273421William Hanis3260639
Virginia145727Miguel Ponce1047364William Hanis1040908
Washington1018080Miguel Ponce960881William Hanis956083
W Virginia100292553Miguel Ponce18530560William Hanis18443105
Wisconsin3000554555Miguel Ponce18530560William Hanis18443105
Wyoming391450Miguel Ponce349148William Hanis344881

This site is not maintained by or affiliated with the federal government’s, Health Insurance Marketplace website or any State government health insurance marketplace.

TogetherHealth, LLC, is an insurance agency & commercial site designed for the solicitation of insurance from selected health insurance carriers. Insurance agency services may be provided by one of our sister companies, including Health Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC, Total Insurance Brokers, LLC, or HealthPocket d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency, which are all part of the Benefytt Technologies, Inc. family of companies.

If you provide your contact information to us, an insurance agent/producer or insurance company may contact you to provide more information about your Medicare insurance plan options, as well as offer information to help you enroll in a Medicare Advantage and/or Prescription Drug plans available from one of the Medicare-contracted carrier(s) we represent.

Alternatively, you may be referred, via a link, to a selected partner website, which is independently owned and operated and may have different privacy and terms of use policies from us.

We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area.
Please contact or 1-800-Medicare (24 hours a day/7 days a week) to get information on all your options.

If you do not speak English, language assistance service, free of charge, is available to you. Contact our toll-free number listed at the top of this page.